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Understanding “Privileges” in the Law | Part 2 – Spousal Privilege

As discussed in Part I of this blog post, “legal privileges” may impact what communications can be compelled to be disclosed in discovery or a court proceeding, e.g., questions that must be answered or documents that must be produced. If something is deemed...

What Type of Services Can Spousal Support Attorneys Provide?

If you enter the divorce process, you might have many questions about spousal support attorneys and entitlements — what it is, who pays it, and who gets to make the final decisions about it. In Virginia, family courts have the right to order one party in a divorce to...

How to Pick a Divorce Attorney in Virginia

Deciding that a divorce is the best choice for you and your family takes a great deal of introspection and time. But once you have decided to go ahead with the divorce, you then face the possibly daunting task of how to pick a divorce attorney. Finding the right...

Uncontested Divorce vs. Contested Divorce in Virginia

Divorce laws vary from state to state, so it’s essential to understand the rules between uncontested divorce vs. contested divorce proceedings where you live before beginning the legal process of dissolving your marriage. There are residency requirements, filing...

Am I Still Considered “Separated” If My Spouse And I Continue to Reside In The Same Home?

Question: If a married couple has decided to separate and eventually divorce but does not have the means or ability to secure separate residences for themselves during the separation, or if they both refuse to vacate the marital home during the period of separation,...

Understanding “Privileges” in the Law | Part 1 – Attorney-Client Privilege

“Privilege” is a legal concept that often comes up in all types of legal matters, especially in the context of litigation. Privilege impacts what communications can be compelled to be disclosed in discovery or a court proceeding. A part of evidentiary law, privileged...

What is the Meaning of an Uncontested Divorce?

Most people do not enter into divorce proceedings lightly, as it is a serious legal proceeding that has life-altering effects on the parties involved. However, you may not realize that divorce does not need to be a source of extreme conflict or even require any time...

Understanding the Virginia Divorce Process

Here is a quick overview of the types of divorce in Virginia and a general outline of the Virginia divorce process from beginning to end. Keep in mind that this is not intended to be legal advice but rather information to prepare individuals who are dissolving the...

Virginia Custody & Visitation Determinations – What the Court Considers | Part 2

Child custody and visitation in Virginia are determined based on the best interests of the child, after considering 10 specific factors regarding the parents’ physical and mental health, any history of physical abuse in the family, the child’s unique or exceptional...

Virginia Divorce Laws: What You Need to Know

People going through a divorce can experience new emotions, responsibilities, and concerns that they never considered before. Adding the various tasks of successful divorce proceedings under Virginia divorce laws on top of all this can be challenging, which is why so...

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“I would highly recommend John Whitbeck to anyone needing legal counsel or representation. He was thorough, intentional, and professional in all of my dealings with him. He is well respected in the legal community of Loudoun County and is well liked by friends and colleagues alike. He has worked diligently to build a fabulous reputation and proven his knowledge of the law through his diligent practice in the area. No man would be as highly respected and sought after if he didn’t have the experience and professionalism to back it up.”

Loudoun County, VA

“For my divorce case, I had three different attorneys – the last was John Whitbeck. John was far superior than the previous two and also the opposing counsel. John is an excellent litigator and negotiator. Specifically, he had the judge reverse a previous decision based on his interpretation of the law and reached agreement on several contentious topics with a very difficult opposing counsel. John works closely with his client to develop a strong legal strategy and masterfully presents your case to the judge. I owe the outcome of my case to John’s tireless efforts and incredible talent.”

Leesburg, VA

“John Whitbeck was my third attorney for my divorce process. This is honestly one of the most painful experiences to go through. I appreciated John’s straight forward manner in presenting the choices. It helped cut through issues to define emotional vs strategic good decisions. Being clear about the process and outcomes is essential to seeing a way ahead. I am thankful for his work and support through this tough time.”

Falls Church, VA

“I highly recommend Mr. Whitbeck and his team to represent your side in a divorce. I needed a lawyer to defend and protect me from the constant barrage of attacks and demands from opposing counsel and wife and he did that swiftly and effectively. I also needed a lawyer to be cost effective while at the same time, ensuring that my case was properly attended. Lastly I needed a lawyer who was willing to listen to my arguments, to believe in them and where necessary, incorporate them into his own. John did all that and more and I couldn’t be more satisfied with his handling of my divorce. “

Kevin S.
Leesburg, VA

“Absolutely loved working with David Marquardt and his team! He answered any questions, calls, emails and texts promptly even on the weekends and did everything he could in my custody case for my daughter. He only had 12 days to work on the case and it was VERY messy! Yet, he still did everything he could and helped me with my daughter. Thank you all so so much!!!”

Emily P.
Rockville, MD

” Elizabeth Lancaster has represented my husband and I both in different cases, and I want to start by saying she is AMAZING at what she does. If you are looking for someone who is on your side and will do whatever it takes to get the best outcome then she is your answer. I will never use anyone else after hiring her. Also very responsive which is great.”

Toni S.
Leesburg, VA

” Please ask for Tara Brown, she is professional and makes you feel heard but also very transparent when it comes to handling your case. I’m so blessed to have found her, we have been working together for over a year and I trust her to handle all of my legal needs. 10 out of 10! “

Brii R.
Richmond, VA