MENTAL Health Law

Our firm’s founder, John Whitbeck, has developed a successful and important part of our firm’s practice in the area of mental health law. Mr. Whitbeck is not only formerly an adjunct professor of mental health law at George Mason University Law School, but he is also the former director of the George Mason University Law and Mental Illness Clinic and has been featured and quoted in the media on mental health-related issues. Mr. Whitbeck is also a former special justice (judge) for proceedings to commit mentally ill individuals to psychiatric treatment.  

The area of mental health law is composed of cases involving the emergency commitment of mentally ill individuals to psychiatric treatment, the appointment of people as guardians and conservators for mentally ill individuals and the emergency authorization of medical treatment for mentally ill individuals. In addition, mental health issues can be a big factor in almost every other area of law in which our firm practices, but most definitely in the areas of family law and criminal law.

Our firm is not only prepared to represent individuals in mental health law cases but also in family law cases, criminal cases and other cases where the mental health of one of the parties is a particularly important issue. As such, our firm’s mental health law practice is divided into many different segments which are described below. 


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