“John Whitbeck represented me on, what most people would agree was, an extremely complicated and emotional divorce and custody case involving abuse and infidelity by my ex-husband. From the moment, I sat down with John, I felt that I was heard, understood, and respected, not just by John, but by his entire team. I was supported and informed through every step of the process. John’s knowledge of my case, his confidence, and his strong courtroom presence was beyond impressive. He fought for and achieved a more successful outcome than I ever could have imagined. John was a true advocate for myself and my kids. He fought for and achieved true justice for us. Today, my kids and I couldn’t be happier, and we truly owe a great deal of that to John and his team.”

Fairfax, VA

“John Whitbeck is the best attorney in Northern Virginia. Having undergone a decade long, internationally complex legal matter. No other attorney would have been able to provide the level of expertise John has. Over many courtroom appearances and countless hours of trial effort, John produced the best outcome imaginable and possible. His legal expertise and ability to strategize the best possible outcome, John and his team of law firm support staff generated a result that provided my children with the best future possible. Aside being a great human being and caring for his client’s well-being, John facilitated a legal outcome that provided true relief from what otherwise can only be described as horrific circumstances. Being a client of John Whitbeck has given me and my children a chance for a future together otherwise legally impossible without his wisdom and execution in the courts. A true legal eagle, John has shined time and again in all legal matters relating to my case and deserves recommendation and commendation for his dedication as a trial attorney.”

Lovettsville, VA

“John’s biggest strength is to very quickly grasp the crux of the matter at hand and pledge an unflinching allegiance to it. He has an excellent grasp of the law which, coupled with his astuteness and experience, facilitate expert and successful handling of complicated cases. He is also extremely responsive and this a great comfort factor which his clients have the privilege of enjoying when dealing with him. Further, he is not at all distracted by secondary – and sometimes frivolous – issues that a client might be obsessing over and is quick to provide firm yet constructive direction to the client in order to regain focus and help choose the right course of action and strategy. Refusing to get involved in the emotional quagmire of the client’s state and story is perhaps one of the most potent weapons in his arsenal. Mr. Whitbeck is a formidable legal force to have on one’s side. Ms. Kristin Quirk has all the makings of being a consummate attorney. She has been super supportive, approachable, responsive, extremely efficient, productive and diligent. An excellent drafter of legal briefs and arguments, her keen research skills are always a great advantage and comfort to her clients.”

Ashburn, VA

“For my divorce case, I had three different attorneys – the last was John Whitbeck. John was far superior than the previous two and also the opposing counsel. John is an excellent litigator and negotiator. Specifically, he had the judge reverse a previous decision based on his interpretation of the law and reached agreement on several contentious topics with a very difficult opposing counsel. John works closely with his client to develop a strong legal strategy and masterfully presents your case to the judge. I owe the outcome of my case to John’s tireless efforts and incredible talent.”

Leesburg, VA

“I would highly recommend John Whitbeck to anyone needing legal counsel or representation. He was thorough, intentional, and professional in all of my dealings with him. He is well respected in the legal community of Loudoun County and is well liked by friends and colleagues alike. He has worked diligently to build a fabulous reputation and proven his knowledge of the law through his diligent practice in the area. No man would be as highly respected and sought after if he didn’t have the experience and professionalism to back it up.”

Loudoun County, VA

“John Whitbeck was my third attorney for my divorce process. This is honestly one of the most painful experiences to go through. I appreciated John’s straight forward manner in presenting the choices. It helped cut through issues to define emotional vs strategic good decisions. Being clear about the process and outcomes is essential to seeing a way ahead. I am thankful for his work and support through this tough time.”

Falls Church, VA

“I’ve been an entrepreneur for 37 years, have utilized many law firms small and large and put Mr. Whitbeck at the top of the list.”

Leesburg, VA

“John Whitbeck has represented our family several times, and we have always had excellent outcomes, timely service, and fantastic representation. It is great to have somebody in your corner to put your mind at ease. I wish I could give them 6 stars.”

Leesburg, VA

“I went through a very long court process with John Whitbeck and couldn’t have been happier! John did everything I would expect and more to get me what I deserved at our day in court. He was responsive and easy to get in touch with even though he is an extremely busy man. His professionalism is one of a kind, and I will consider him a friend for life.”

Loudoun County, VA

“I first met Mr. Whitbeck back in 2013, when I was going through a divorce. I cannot speak more highly of his legal knowledge, professionalism, and sensitivity to my situation. As such, I have referred many clients to him, all of which have had similar experiences. If you need someone to advocate and protect and provide legal advice, I would recommend no one else!”

Loudoun County, VA

“I received great representation from WhitbeckBennett on my Divorce and Custody proceedings. I would recommend this firm for anyone looking for top-notch professional representation and transparency.”

Loudoun County, VA

“John is the best family and general law attorney in NOVA. He’s brilliant, ethical, compassionate, and he fights for justice. He and his team are top-notch.”

Northern Virginia

“I have nothing but good things to say about this firm. John helped navigate the intricacies of a complicated divorce with precision and made the process understandable and as comfortable as it could be. I highly recommend!”

Loudoun County, VA

“John and his team provide amazing legal services! Everything in his office was smooth and efficient. We had a last-minute document that needed to be executed in a timely matter, and they got it done for us. Thanks so much!”

Loudoun County, VA

“When you hire John, you not only hire one of the most professional attorneys I’ve ever dealt with. You hire a full service, professional, and responsive Law Firm!! I was going through a very painful and agonizing divorce for almost two years that was initiated and being drug out by my ex-wife. Before retaining John and his team, I had gone through two other attorneys over a year and a half. I retained John and his team, and they managed to wrap up and finalize the divorce in less than literally less than 3 months!!! He constantly kept me in the loop (even after business hours) of any late-breaking situations. My previous attorneys would usually notify me at the end of the day and via email, thereby not giving me time to respond if something that I needed to respond too. John would respond to my questions and comments immediately, never leaving me hanging. He and his team are the quintessential definitions of “Professionalism”!! I only regret that I had to go through two other attorneys before finding John and his team. Because of John and his team’s responsiveness and ability to step in, pick up the broken pieces from the other inept attorney’s and bring this financially draining divorce to a quick end so quickly, it saved me tens of thousands of dollars!  I would highly recommend him and his team to any of my friends and family.”

Loudoun County, VA