Family Law, Criminal Law & Other Cases Involving Mental Health Issues


Mental health issues can significantly impact civil and criminal cases and often are the chief cause behind individuals getting divorced, getting charged with a crime, and many other crises. A person can often trace the cause of their legal problems to their mental health or the mental health issues of their family members, friends, and/or business associates.

Mental health is very important in family law cases. Mental health issues can impact how a court decides on divorce, child custody, child support, property distribution, spousal support, domestic violence cases, and almost all other family law aspects. It’s crucial your attorney understands mental health and the impact it can have on your case. It’s also very important your attorney has the relationships and experience dealing with mental health professionals.

Mental health is also very important in criminal law cases. There are many cases where mental illness can differentiate whether or not a person will be found guilty of a particular charge. Mental health can also have an impact on lessening the punishment for a criminal charge. It’s important your attorney in your criminal case has experience in dealing with mental health issues if they are impacting your case or the case of someone you care about.