Family Law

The largest part of our practice is in the area family law. Of all the services provided to our clients none are more important than those we provide related their families. The advice and fearless advocacy of an experienced family lawyer often proves crucial to your understanding of the issues involved and getting the best outcome possible in your case. 

We follow the philosophy that while it is always preferable to resolve family law matters outside the courtroom, attorneys must always be prepared to aggressively litigate family matters in court if a client’s needs call for such services.  

Family Law 


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Trusted advice and fearless advocacy

Our team is experienced in all areas of family law. Our firm routinely litigates divorce cases, custody and visitation disputes and support cases in many different Virginia counties and cities, and we have extensive experience in the complex and diverse issues that arise. From the financial perspective, our attorneys are experienced in litigation issues of marital property and protecting the separate property of spouses. We also routinely litigate family law cases involving spouses with small businesses, the division of complex retirement accounts and pursuing child support and spousal support.  

Our team is equipped to competently assist you in areas such as mental health and substance abuse, child and teen issues, and school choice and educational issues.

Many family law cases involve mental health issues, children with special needs and substance abuse.  Our firm has developed a special practice in the areas of mental health law and special education law, which substantially assists our clients in family law cases involving these same concerns. 

If your marriage or family situation involves mental health or substance abuse issues, we have an attorney who is a former professor of mental health law at a distinguished law school, who formerly served as a judge for hearings to commit mentally ill individuals, and who is affiliated with mental health advocacy groups. If your situation involves disputes or issues related to the education of your children, we have attorneys with experience in school choice issues, special needs education and dealing with local school boards and school personnel. Moreover, our attorneys are trained and serve as guardians ad litem for children and have extensive experience in most, if not all, legal matters involving children. 

Abuse Cases

In addition to the services we offer above, our attorneys are also experienced in areas of spousal and child physical and/or mental abuse and child sexual abuse cases. Our attorneys have not only aggressively prosecuted cases involving these sensitive issues but have also represented individuals accused of such actions in family law and criminal cases. 

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