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May 31, 2022 | Mental Health Law, The Mind Itself

On this episode of the Mind Itself Podcast, John Whitbeck is joined by Debbie Rose, an attorney who practices in the area of education law. Together John and Debbie discuss special education, the Title Nine Cases, school discipline, and other education-related disputes.

Having the proper knowledge and appropriate legal representation can make a huge difference for parents and guardians to advocate for their children’s educational needs. Listen to the episode to arm yourself with knowledge and hear Debbie share her insights on special education law.

Listen to John and Debbie discuss education law:

Guest Introduction (1:03)

Today John is joined by Debbie, an attorney who practices in the area of education law. Debbie also served on the Loudoun County Virginia School Board for eight years as an elected official. She shares her history and experience with the topic of special education and the laws surrounding it.

Special Education (6:50)

No parent wants to feel helpless when they cannot fight for their child or don’t know how. For guardians of children with intellectual or physical disabilities, it can be challenging to stand up for their children’s special education needs, especially when trying to address situations with their child’s school board in the case of adverse events. John and Debbie discuss these situations and how legal practices can help clients with special education cases.

Title Nine (13:37)

Title Nine is something that we’re hearing about a lot regarding schools in Virginia and all over the country. Debbie defines and talks about the history behind the Title Nine law, its relevance, and what it is designed to protect.

Assault and Harassment in Schools (14:56)

Title Nine cases are of the most serious nature, and many cases involve sexual assault or harassment. Debbie describes some of the processes involved in assault and harassment cases and the responsibilities of our school board and legal system to handle these cases appropriately.

Disciplinary Actions and Dispute (17:40)

Sometimes, parents find that schools’ disciplinary actions against their children are inappropriate or unjust. John and Debbie discuss disputes with the school boards and examples of scenarios where an attorney would be helpful to a parent dealing with these types of disputes. Additionally, they cover bullying in schools and how legal practices can offer support in these situations.

Boundary Adjustments and Resolution Options (23:38)

Boundary adjustments are another example of a situation where parents may have to fight against school boards for change. Parents can ask to transfer their children to other schools – but only under certain stipulations. Debbie explains that attorneys have experience with litigation in the school realm and can provide many options for parents to help them meet their needs.

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