While assessing the cost of family court lawyers in Florida, consider that there is so much more to family law than settling divorce cases. A qualified and dedicated family law firm will be able to handle all kinds of concerns related to an individual’s rights within the family context — this includes custody disputes, spousal support, and other matters that arise on a case-by-case basis.

Each family’s legal needs are unique, and no one can predict a case’s final bill sight unseen. However, the information below will give you a good sense of the up-front costs of hiring a lawyer for your legal needs. Keep in mind that this is not legal advice, only helpful information.


How Much Do Family Court Lawyers Cost in Florida?

All lawyers filing cases in Florida family court must charge a stated hourly rate by state law. The rate depends on the firm and your needs in Florida and elsewhere.

As in any purchase, though, the size of the price tag does not necessarily reflect the quality of the purchase. It is in your best interest to research a family law firm with a reputation for consistent, reputable representation in these types of cases.

The Bar Association of some states, such as Florida, grants special status to attorneys demonstrating reliability and expertise in family law. These lawyers will boast of being Board Certified by the state as Family Law Mediators or experts in Family Law. These certified family law specialists may charge more per hour. Still, this special status the state conferred upon them should reassure you that your case is in safe hands.


These Factors Determine the Cost of a Family Lawyer

Lawyers set their hourly rate based on local demand for their services, expertise, experience, and name recognition. Exorbitant prices from one family law firm do not mean that their services are significantly better than another firm whose prices reflect established, quality services. It’s best to do your research and ask trusted friends and family members who have been through similar processes.

The biggest factor in the final bill for family law in the state of Florida is the type of service you need. In Florida, a divorce can be condensed using the PEACE acronym, which represents the significant parts of a divorce in Florida and can steer you through the process. The PEACE acronym stands for Parenting Plan, Equitable Distribution, Alimony, Child Support, and Everything Else.

An estimate for an average divorce case depends on many factors that will shape the final price for your services.

Simply put, the more contentious or complicated the case, the higher the cost at the end of the process. If the case drags on, requiring extensive evidence-finding by either or both parties, or relies on expert witnesses’ testimony, the costs can continue to rise.

A trustworthy family law firm that gets to know you and your personal needs will be able to work with you to save you as many billable hours as possible.


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