One critical task for custody lawyers for dads in Florida is to challenge assumptions about custody rights. Fathers who enter into divorce tend to feel vulnerable and overwhelmed. They may think that the law favors the mother over the father in custody cases, which, until recently, it did.

Times have changed, and if you are looking for a child custody lawyer in Florida, you’ll want to know the basics about custody rights for fathers. What follows should not be considered legal advice, only helpful information about how family law applies to parents and children during a divorce.


Florida Family Law: What to Know About a Father’s Custody Rights

First, you will need a child custody lawyer. This legal professional’s role is to work in the child’s best interest while protecting your rights as a father. Choosing the right lawyer is crucial, as this person will be fighting for you in a case that can often turn contentious, even in the best circumstances.

You need to know that courts no longer favor the mother in custody cases; courts see both parents as equal partners in a marital agreement. The judge will determine custody based on several factors, but the gender of the parent is no longer one of them.

Regarding unmarried fathers in custody disputes, the father’s rights are not “presumed.” A lawyer must work hard to establish paternity and secure these rights.


Protecting Father’s Rights in Florida

Here are some ways that a custody lawyer can fight to protect a father’s rights in Florida:

  • Negotiating a Parenting Plan: The goal of any custody lawyer is to negotiate a parenting plan with the other spouse and avoid going to court altogether. Doing this means that both sides were able to come to a compromise on their own, saving everyone money in court costs, attorney fees, and much more.
  • Establishing Paternity Rights: A custody lawyer will ensure their client’s paternity rights are not in doubt. There are several ways to secure these rights—your lawyer will take care of this process for you.
  • Securing Full-Time Sharing Rights: There once was a concept known as “sole custody,” in which one parent had preferred status, including more time with the children and more decision-making power over the children’s lives. Though this notion is no longer valid in the state of Florida, its memory lingers, and it is the responsibility of a strong custody lawyer to ensure that their client secures all of the time with the child that is his right.
  • Making Post-Divorce Modifications: Life changes, and you may need to adjust the time-sharing schedule after the divorce. Your custody lawyer will still protect your rights in case of any adjustments.


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