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“I absolutely love John’s team. They are empathetic, responsive and hardworking. They are well balanced in their approach and highly conscious of saving clients unnecessary legal costs. I wish them amazing success.”

Rakesh Dhawan, Google

“This is second time I’ve had the opportunity to work with James Beglis and he’s an attorney that I would recommend. He and his staff are very responsive, knowledgeable…He’s a great attorney to work with and I truly appreciate the support he provided.”

Freddie Jordan, Google

“John Whitbeck and his team know the law, are extremely competent, and very responsive to client needs. John does not allow the opposition to rattle him and is very calm. He focuses on the facts of the case to bring calmness to the client and removes the emotional impacts.”

Jerry Heininge, Google

“John and his team provide amazing legal services! Everything in his office was smooth and efficient. We had a last minute document that needed to executed in a timely matter and they got it done for us. Thanks so much!”

Carolyn Gierer, Google