Custody lawyers for fathers in Texas provide vital advocacy because Texas law recognizes that both parents — mothers and fathers — are important in every child’s life, and divorce does not change this fact.

When making decisions about visitation and child support payments, the goal of the state of Texas is to advocate for what is best for the child.

However, it is also vital that fathers have a committed and qualified attorney to fight for their rights.

Each divorce case is different, and each case demands a different strategy. So, the information below is not legal advice and cannot replace a consultation with a qualified, experienced family attorney in your area. But learning a little about which rights fathers have when entering a divorce agreement will help you protect yours when it comes time to settle or go to court.

Ways Lawyers Can Protect the Rights of Fathers

When searching for a family lawyer, you’ll want to find one who has an expert understanding of the Texas family code, understands the complexity of family law, and understands the unique challenges facing fathers when it comes time to settle visitation rights or childcare payments.

Consider the many different ways that family lawyers advocate for fathers’ rights during a divorce settlement:

  • They make sure you understand your rights. It’s so important that fathers understand their rights when it comes to child custody. The divorce process has traditionally relied on negative gender-based stereotypes — against both mothers and fathers — and many lingering effects of these stereotypes remain in the system. A good custody lawyer must understand your rights from the beginning so that you can fight for what is fair and continue to play a positive role in your child’s life.
  • They guide you through the steps. Divorce is a tricky procedure, and a father needs an attorney who can walk them through the process every step of the way.
  • Negotiate parenting plans. This phase is where your custody lawyer works the hardest for you. They will advocate for a fair visitation, a plan that grants equal custody access to you so that you can continue to play an essential part in your child’s life. Further, they will fight for what you find most crucial — whether that’s your child’s educational choices or medical decisions—and bargain with factors that are not as important to you.
  • Gather evidence. This process, known as discovery, can determine the outcome of the entire settlement. A strong family lawyer will gather emails, text messages, and other communications between you and your spouse to bolster your case.
  • Build a compelling case. Finally, your custody lawyer will have to build a case that will protect your rights as a father and then execute their plan at the negotiating table with other attorneys or before a judge in family court.

Defensive Tactics Lawyers Use to Protect Fathers’ Rights

Family lawyers also have to play defense as well. They take some defensive moves to protect their client’s rights, such as the following:

  • Understand the other side’s tactics. Experienced custody lawyers know the moves separating spouses make in divorce cases and can anticipate and react to their motions. Sometimes, spouses attempt to terminate their partner’s parental rights or take away visitation entirely. A strong family lawyer will not let this happen to a father.
  • Fight for your rights tenaciously. Custody battles can get contentious quickly, and spouses and opposing counsel can act aggressively and sometimes make unfounded or false claims. A good custody lawyer will always stand up for a father’s rights and defend the client against baseless or false allegations of violence or abuse.

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