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As the calendar turns to summer and kids are out of school, the stress of co-parenting can be amplified. Without the relief of school, and school-related activities. It is no secret that co-parenting can be challenging.

Below are a couple of useful tips that can be used to help create an easier working relationship with your ex and help to focus on your child’s current needs.

Cynthia A. King

Stay in the Present – While it is true that you have history with your ex, one important tip that can help relieve co-parenting stress is to stay in the present. If you have repeatedly argued about what happened in the past, it is unlikely that returning to the topic yet again will convince your ex that you are right. If you can stay in the present and focus on the issues affecting your child at this moment, you will be able to address the things that are important to your child right now.

Be Responsive, Not Reactive – The ability to resist sending an explosive response to a text message or email is a learned trait. Often, our first response to an aggressive or aggravating message is to send one back. When there is a topic that needs to be discussed with your ex, give them the benefit of the doubt, and focus on the topic itself, rather than your feelings about how your ex described the issue. It is also acceptable to wait for a reasonable period of time before responding to a message. Waiting, and diffusing your feelings, can provide the opportunity for a clear, and measured response.

While these tips are not guaranteed to improve your relationship with your ex, they will help to focus your efforts on your child, and what is best for their well-being.

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Parents & Education Town Hall - Part 2

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What is Title IX?

What is parental alienation?

Parental alienation is when one parent attempts to turn one or more children against the other parent in one or more ways…

Typically, children benefit from having healthy, ongoing relationships with both parents, even when the parents choose to no longer be romantically involved.

Often, parents can work out the best plans together to create child-sharing agreements that support the needs of all involved in a mutually respectful fashion.  Sometimes, though, one parent may choose a very destructive path to alienate the child or children from the other parent.

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